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Shopping Should Always be Fun!

The digital era has reached its peak, with the e-commerce industry gaining more popularity with every passing day. Anyone looking to generate some high profits would consider opening their shop online. Who doesn't want a share in this extremely advantageous business? 

However, not everyone can be successful as most people fail to come up with a good idea that would not only benefit them but also appear appealing to diverse customers. This industry has some tough competition and has created multiple rivalries. 

Looking at the saturation of the market, e-commerce looks daunting, but there is a solution for those who still want to join this industry. It is called the multi-vendor marketplace. After hearing its advantages, you will learn the value of this market and decide whether it is something you want to do. 

Traffic on e-commerce websites is increasing exponentially, and with them, sales all over the world. Experts suggest that the market will have sales of over 4 trillion dollars over ecommerce sites soon. Its success is shown via the growth of the most famous multi-vendor marketplace platform, Amazon. The company alone pulled more than 200 billion dollars in 2018. The site also has almost 100 million prime members, and the numbers keep rising.

 Every seller knows the advantages of online marketing, and that is why they are paying lots of attention to it. It helps them build their brand and introduce it to a high number of diverse customers. Their target audience can be advertised directly from social media. However, other nonobvious advantages help the seller.

Instead of building your website from scratch, you can simply register at multi-vendor sites and start selling your product from day one. You do not need to hire any technical support or have software building knowledge. These websites are easily accessible and user-friendly, which makes the process far easier and quicker. 

You can choose from different multi-vendor sites and determine which suits you the best. 

Now, the world has become a smaller place. In this global village, the growth potential is endless. As a seller based in America, now you can have a regular customer from Europe or Africa. Shoppers can get their products from far away countries without worry. 

For vendors working in e-commerce, this increases the number of potential consumers, and now your brand can be viewed by anyone in the world, not only by people living near you. This creates value to the customer as well since they have more options to choose from and increase the variety of items. 

Imagine you are looking for some product online in Europe and find exactly what you are looking for. You are excited, but as soon as you click the payment icon, you find out that payment can only happen in dollars. You have the money, but because the site does not accept euros, you get disheartened and look for the product someplace else. 

Multi-currency support will eliminate this jarring experience and help the customer pay in the currency they are comfortable with. More than one-fourth of US and European online customers purchase cross-border products. 

With cross-border businesses rising in popularity, multi-currency payment plays a vital role in helping increase worldwide sales and encourage customers. 

What benefits will you get as a vendor? 

Today, the biggest concern of a small business is marketing. A big price needs to be paid if you want your company to create, host and promote its website. There is no limit on how much you need to spend on building a brand. Many businesses start putting marketing above the quality of their products which leads to disastrous consequences. 

What does Azany have for you? 

It is a Multi-Vendor platform that has multi-currency support. Our site is the first multi￾vendor vendor platform where you can ship goods from America to Africa. We have opened up a great opportunity for African vendors who get to enjoy worldwide shipping for their products by simply registering with our website. They can showcase their unique products and turn their small business into a huge endeavor. Azany offers a special rewards program that allows customers to shop and get free merchandise from any of our online vendors. Use your points to get free medication, free data, free transport service and free entertainment service, and much more.

  • Azany cuts areas of cost by not only providing a place to sell but also promotes the brands via listing them. It is a convenient place that gives mutual benefits. When a vendor places their products for listing on the Azany multi-vendor marketplace, it increases their variety and attracts traffic. Do good to your fellow vendors as well. The traffic to your products will then help increase every vendor's consumer numbers on the Azany website. So, you, every other vendor, and the Azany platform gets benefits.

  • Azany also provides a dashboard that helps you keep a clean record of your sales, revenue, and stocks. You can easily analyze your business growth and take the necessary action to generate more profits. 

  • Consumers love conveniently searching for products, some using it with filtered options to get what they want. For success, you need your search engine to give the best results. Another important aspect is that your payment gateway should ensure the safety of transactions. 

  • Discounts and other marketing hooks generate tons of traffic as well. You can set up a discount for regular consumers or have seasonal sales. Offer creative purchasing conditions and deals. These tactics help grab people's attention and make them eager to purchase. 

  • Many times a customer tries to purchase an item only to find out that the product is not in stock. You will lose customers if your inventory sores. Luckily, Azany will send you information about your stock status. This way, your stock will never be empty, and you will not lose any customers. 

  • When using the Azany for conducting your business, you will receive a notification when an order has been placed, so you can start working on it as quickly as possible. You will also know when the customer pays and posts questions as well. 

  • Azany operates using SEO-friendly algorithms, which help your target audience to reach your product with ease.

  •  We have a unique rewards program that allows customers to get rewards points every time they shop to use on azany platform to purchase free items or use it towards services on azany platform.

  • Azany will enable you to shop in different currencies without a hassle. We offer our customers to choose from our vast array of payment currencies like US Dollar, Euros, Yen, British Pounds, etc


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