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Your social media marketing and advert is not making sales because you're trying to sell.

This is what you should do instead, in this exact order.

In this article, I'm going to show you things to do in order to run an effective marketing and advert on the digital space.

Most times, most small business owners get frustrated when they spend so much money on adverts and end up not getting a good result from their marketing campaign.

A lot of them feel down. Some give up on that product, others just keep trying without switching to a strategy that works. I don't know which category you fall into, but if you share in any of those feelings, then I sure do know there's something you're not doing right.

It's definitely not your sales copy or graphic designs, which are often the first things that cross your mind when you think of digital marketing or social media advertising.

The problem here is that you're trying too hard and too obviously to sell.

Your ad copy screams of "buy me" even before you're done crafting it.

If you're wondering what the right steps to take to achieve better results are, then this is for you.

I'll go straight to the point.

1. Pin point your marketing goal:

The first thing to note down when getting your marketing campaign ready is not how to ask people to buy, with your written content or graphic designs. 

It is essential, but shouldn't be the priority yet.

The first thing on your list should be your marketing goal. Yes boss. Define your marketing goal. Define what exactly it is you want to achieve with this advert you're about to run.

A simple way to do this is to answer this simple question.

How would you rate the success of this advert even if you don't make sales ?

What would be an outcome that you'll be glad about, apart from instant sales?

I understand that the ultimate goal of every marketing activity is sales, but your marketing goal can come in different stages. So let's call them Stage one, Stage two and stage three marketing goals.

Your goal can be any these;





However, this order is wrong.

First things first, decide on what you want to achieve with the content you're about to publish as that is exactly what will determine how you prepare your graphics and ad copy.

An advert that seeks to makes sales at first sight is really not what you want to promote. 

You'll most probably not make any sales. Yes buddy! you heard that correctly. It's the reality of internet marketing. People don't just bump into a marketing content and patronise that business immediately. You need to understand the sentiments that go with buying stuffs online.

Understand how your potential clients think when they first come across a product, and use that to your advantage as a business.

Consider these questions;

What are their common fears?

What are their prominent objections?

What are the popular "what ifs"?

An average person has to see an advert over and over again before they make a purchase decision in the negative or affirmative. 

Seeing an advert 10 times is not even a guarantee that they are going to buy. They need to know what the product can do for them and then build trust for whoever is selling it.

Nobody wants to lose money to a product they don't fully know the seller or have in-depth insight about.

So you see, aiming to make sales at first sight is a wrong goal for your social media marketing campaign.

This means that we'll have to reorder that list above, starting from the bottom. 

It should therefore go this way;

Stage one goal -    Leads (for offer) 

Stage two goal -    Education

Stage three goal -  Sales

Stage 1 - Leads (for Offer).

In my opinion, your stage 1 marketing goal should be to generate leads.

In all your marketing campaigns, generate leads first until your brand gets a prominent name. 

What is a Lead? A lead is the contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a customer who is or might be interested in a specific product or service. 

These contact information can be

  • Phone numbers
  • Whatsapp numbers
  • Emails
  • Mailing address
  • Social media handles
  • Etc.

In generating leads, you'll need to implore the best lead generation tools and strategies in order to convince people enough to let you get those leads.

The most effective way to generate leads is by making a mouth watering offer. Make them an offer they cannot resist.

What is an offer?

In marketing, an offer is a freebie, in form of a free product or service of great value that you give out to your potential customers, in exchange for their completing a "call to action" (CTA) - which in this case is to make their contact details available, probably by filling up a simple form.

Some strategies that work are free offers like;

Free ebooks


Membership benefits

Free trial

Free digital products

Free training sessions

Phrases like "sign up here and get this", work well as a CTA.

Just give away something valuable for free, but demand contact information in return for the favour you just did. You can demand that they save your phone number while you save theirs so that they can see your WhatsApp status when you make product updates and new offers.

The essence of doing this is so that you can keep your product in their faces anytime you want without spending much on adverts as usual.

You could simply add them to a mailing list, a broadcast channel, whatsapp status views list and then activate the stage two marketing goal, which is Education.

Stage two - Education

After you generate leads, the next thing to do is to keep educating your already targetted audience about your product until they are "ready to buy".

Send them mails, send bulk SMS's, host trainings around your offer, allow them to ask you more questions. Give them free value that keeps them coming until you end up convincing them.

Stage 3 - Sell

Stage three is often automated. But you have to suggest it most of the time. 

Once they are convinced enough about your product, they'll go ahead and buy, if they don't, remind them to do so, and that will be a wrap for your marketing campaign.

A quick run down on points to note;

✔️Decide on your marketing goal (Leads - phone numbers, Emails, Social media follows, etc)

✔️Write a client magnet sales copy or get a good copywriter to that for you, with a strong offer.

✔️ Know your target audience.

✔️Make a catchy graphic design.

✔️Let your call-to-action extract their contact information.

✔️Promote your advert.

✔️Get their contact information

✔️Keep educating, raising their appetite and persuading them about your product.

✔️Then hit the sales button.


1. Structure your marketing copy in a way that it doesn't sound like you eagerly want to sell to them.

2. Your call to action should be to have their contacts or educate them, not to have their money.

Customers want to know you're more interesting in solving their problems than getting their money.

Written by Mr Awesome

(Victor Kelechi Kingsley)


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