Work from Home Business Ideas anyone can do and Make over $2000.

What can you teach? πŸ€” 

If you can find a skill or knowledge set that people are really interested in learning, and set the price at an affordable rate, let's say $50 (₦25,000).

Advertise it on your page and pay facebook to boost the advert for some targetted larger audience to see it.

You can spend just $4 (₦2k) to get your advert to over 6,000 people on facebook if you know how to utilize facebook ads.

So let's say just 50 people register to learn that your skill or knowledge set with that amount, you'll be making about $2500 (₦1,250,000).

Would you do that?

There are many skills you can learn and teach. 

Some hot topics are 

  1. Forex, 
  2. Crypto Trading, 
  3. Affiliate marketing,
  4. Stock Exchange, 
  5. Niche Blogging, 
  6. Cooking, 
  7. Baking, 
  8. Youtube,
  9. Digital marketing
  10. Copywriting
  11.  etc..

Just keep the price low and target a large numbers of people.

Meanwhile you can learn some of those skills on Digital Exchange Academy.


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