While we were absent minded, a virus has eaten deep into Crypto and will soon take all your money


"While we were absent minded, a virus has eaten deep into Crypto and will soon take all your money. If you're investing, take 1 minute to read this".

One of the most terrible things happening to a lot of new crypto projects is that the developers invest more in hiring a product designer than business developers who actually develope the solutions & an actual product.

While this may go unnoticed for the newbies & quick money bag chasers in Crypto, those of us building busineses and solutions around this industry cringe at this year-long practices.

At this point, anyone who is going to exert mastery of this industry and the financial markets must first learn to be disciplined enough to understand that graphics, UI & UX designs are part of a project's success, but will not and cannot stand the taste of time.

If UI was so important, Nairaland will be long gone by now and Eskimi & 2go would have been the leading social media too.

Good things are good to look upon, but while you develop your project road map with all the beautiful designs that will readily send an influx of millions of dollars, please pay critical attention to the product you're developing.

Developers have stopped thinking.

Memers are the new memelopers.

Every body wants to sell NFTs, tokens, shill millions and billions of token supply, promise NFT marketplaces, this and that, to unsuspecting public who just sees graphics and buys the product.

Same story. Every other day.

If there should be a global fundamental analysis test, 90% of Crypto projects out there will be barnished from existence as they will literally have no fundamentals around their token.

There are tons of solutions that can be created around Crypto and Blockchain technology. Tons and tons of it.

Talk of third party payment solutions like Paystack, built on blockchain where people get to see the financial transactions of a company to readily ascertain if they are profitable or not.

A lot of people will be happy to finally be free from paying with their bank cards all the time, or being monitored and regulated by their banks for what they purchase on the internet with their own money. Crypto can actually solve this. These are problems that need attention.

Talk of Digital course creation Platforms where payments are made in Crypto tokens of the site.

Selar, Udemy, Coursera, etc can have blockchain rivals.

Or a real e-commerce website built on blockchain that anonymously shows (with TXN hash) who buys what and when it was bought. Shipping track, etc. Amazon would have to adjust to beat that.

Talk of health techs that use blockchain to track health and medical history of a patient. It can literally not be destroyed. You can literally look anyone up once you have their anonymous blockchain alphanumeric characters.

There are just tons of solutions in my head, but then, these developers who have access to funds, only and only focus on memes, product design and not solution development.

If you're an investor in this industry, choose to play long term. Look for real solutions.

This is a Wake up call.

We need Developers not Memelopers.

I am, Mr Awesome.

Victor Kelechi Kingsley.


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