16 Signs that You're an Alpha Male

Everyone suddenly wants to fake being an Alpha Male and that is quite worrisome. 

There's a lot of talk about;

How to be an Alpha Male.

Signs that You're an Alpha Male

Things women love about Alpha Males

Qualities of an Alpha Male and etc.



The real Alpha Males don't even know they are Alpha Males. They just know they are confident men.


If you have at least 6 of these qualities, then it's a sign that you "might" be one of them.

 - They are not actively conscious of being an alpha male or trying to act it out.

- It's not something they "work very hard" to become.

- They just have an aura that exudes respect and fear by default when necessary.

- You can't help but love them. They are fun and safe to be around. They don't mind goofing around you if they are comfortable around you.

- They are protective of the women and the "weak men" around them. They support you, not intimidate you.

- You don't use them. You can't use them. They decide what they want to do and how they want to do it.

- But... They have mentors that can shout them down too. Yes! The only way up is down, so they submit to someone greater.

- They don't look down on or disrespect anyone. Not even their servants. They keep an eye on your other potential while you do the job of growing yourself.

- They are responsible. They do what they have to do when they have to do it. They don't run from responsibilities.

- They are not insecure. They have 100% confidence in themselves. You can't make them feel less of themselves.

- They are loyal partners and friends. They won't sell you out for anything.

- They are not interested in controlling you. They just be themselves, and you'll offer your loyalty.

- They are family-minded, and so they care less about being rude or ruthless to a woman. They know the value of womanhood and respect it.

- They don't chase women. They attract women. They don't just stick around hot grossly dependent girls, they are more attracted to your mind and intellect.

And... you must have your life together to attract them. They are not about fixing all your bills to get you. They are not simps.

If they have to simp for you, you have to go out of your way to simp for them as well.

- They don't keep herds of women, they stay true to one woman who matches their character strength and influence.

They need peace of mind, not control.

- They will feel comfortable sharing this post and following Mr Awesome for such an insightful piece. 

- Finally... They are not paying $200 anywhere to learn about handling women or faking being real men. They'll rather spend it on buying high-income  tech-skill courses and data to finish it.

Is that you?

Written by Mr Awesome

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(Victor Kelechi Kingsley)


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