How my brain became a product that makes money


The moment I realized I was both super smart, multi talented, ambitious and at the risk of the career confusion that special people like me face, 

I ported from trying to get a corporate job to Learning digital skills to compliment my talent.

- I turned my brain into the product.

- I learn hard digital skills and simplify them in a way that "too busy" people or slow learners can understand at a glance

- I test out these skills by "securing a job with it" or "making at least a $1000" through it to validate it.

- Then I build a simple course around it to help these busy people get skills, as well as teach them how to get a job or make money with these skills.

This is why DEXA exists. 

Since I started towing this part, I've not had reasons to search for a job. 

And I've probably had more job offers than most people searching for jobs.

I'm more focused on building a global Unicorn out of my brain.

Your brain is a gold mine.

If you're like me, tap in to this super power in your brain and make the most out of it.

Don't get confused. You were created this way so that your brain can serve humanity.

Find a craft. Learn it. Test it. Teach it.

Mr Awesome


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