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My first hustle was blogging.


If you were at Imo State University when I was a student, you would have probably heard about my blog.

I received an email yesterday informing me that my domain name registration, which I had kept since around 2017, had just expired, and I smiled.


I renew it every year and the last time I did was last year. I'm considering letting it go this year, as it hasn't been functional.


My last publication on that blog was in 2020.



I loved blogging so much, but when I entered the space, the market and my niche, saturation was just one of the problems I faced.


I wanted to do relationship and trend blogging.


I didn't succeed in blogging when I began because I had a passion to write but "limited knowledge" of the technology that made bloggers successful.


I just knew how to blog and how to do some tech-savvy things. not how to market it to a wider audience. 


I didn't know where to go to find mentorship on that as a new blogger, but I read voraciously on the internet hoping to find something useful. I did find a few anyway!


and.. Linda Ikeji was my role model then.


I made a little money from it anyway! But everything I made from that blog until this day is not even $100 when put together, and I just checked this morning, as seen in the screenshot, my all-time views were about 205,000 views.


I will count it as a day in my days of little beginning. Despite not earning any money from it, I ran it from 2016 to 2020.


Passion beats profit.

Profit is just a crown for passion.


If nothing else, through creating my own blog, I learnt quite some beautiful skills which, if I want, can pay me today.


Some of them included how to use blogspot or WP plugins to create a blog, landing page, or e-commerce website, as well as how to get Google AdSense activated even without address verification.


It was years later that I found another problem and started a new secret blog for it, and it's solving the problem well. Not heavy on profit yet, but humanity first.


That is why when I saw Zaddy of Abuja, Remedy Nwankwo advertise his niche blogging course, I didn't waste time helping get the few people I could to take that course. Basically, people who couldn't afford the full payment.


  • I was certain it would be beneficial to them. The moral of the story:
  • Go for knowledge first.
  • in the midst of failure, still pick crumbs of knowledge.
  • Profit keeps Passion on fire.

Thank God it's Friday!

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