Masturbation is not what you think it is. You are probably not even doing it right.

But... Masturbation is not what you think it is.

You are probably not even doing it right.

If you've had a history with masturbation, you'll agree that masturbation does not go without chains, pornography and pornographic Contents.

Static Images (Pictures)

or Sounds that promotes or outrightly shows indulgence in fnikitindum or naked women and men eating of the forbidden veggies of Eden.

While most of us were growing up, we were unlucky to get entangled with godforsaken materials as these and they futher roped us into what we didn't ever bargain for.

Addictions. Cravings. Obsession. Beclouded thought. Anxiousness.

Especially with sex related topics.

The sight of the milkiness of a breast or the cleavage of every woman, beautiful or not, curvy or not, was a valid reason for a mountain solid erection and fleshy strokes that most times left our genitals sore.

Most of your mothers still do not know why a new soap had to be bought every single Friday while you were growing up. Have you told them? I guess not.

These and more were what masturbation does to young people.

The most interesting part of it is that once you're neck deep, you might never come out until late adulthood. How interesting! 😟

Roughly 80% of teenagers and youths still masturbate. Adults too. Not that they love to, but they just cannot stop.

⬇️ Here are a few tips that might help.

• Pray to God for Strength & Help to fight this Beast.
• Resist the urge to Stay alone
• Always sit around people.
• STOP watching porn
• STOP seeing erotic movies

• Tell someone about it. Someone you Trust and can report yourself to.
• Agree to tell someone when you fail to abstain.
• ✅✔️check mark calendar days you were victorious and celebrate those days.

• Make up your mind to stop
• Occupy your time with a rigourous activity that requires your strength.

- I'll recommend gym and excerises.
- Focus on building up your muscles or loosing weight. Spend your energy on it.

- Always talk to God and ask him to help you.

Masturbation is not what you think it is.
It is not fun. It is not just self pleasure. It is not a safe way to have sex.

It kills your desire for God. It enslaves you. It puts you in chain, it destroys your self confidence. It increases your anxiety and worry level. It eats you up.


Mr Awesome


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