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Global Development Awards Competition 2022 – Open call for Researchers (ORD Category) or Development Implementers (MIDP Category)

The Global Development Awards Competition is an innovative award scheme administered by the Global Development Network (GDN), funded under the Policy and Human Resources Development Fund (PHRD), managed by the World Bank, and generously supported by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan. Looking for fully-funded opportunities, install the Youth Opportunities Android or iOS App here. Theme and Awards The theme of the 2022 edition is ‘Post-COVID-19 Governance – Learning from challenging circumstances to build better governance systems‘ and will feature two categories: Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD): A competitive research grant program that identifies and funds outstanding research proposals that have a high potential for excellence in research and clear policy implications for addressing development issues in low and middle-income countries (as defined by the World Bank) Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP): A competitive gra

INTRODUCTION TO NFTs for a total beginner -What are NFTs for real

Key points you’ll get in this article - What is an NFT ? - Why it is unique - What is Minting ? - NFT Terminologies you must know - Apps you need to create, sell or buy NFTs - Where NFTs are sold ? - Finally, an offer. A giveaway class on How to Create, Mint, and Sell your own NFT on OpenSea Following the recent news about picture NFT sales everywhere, you've probably been getting the buzz about NFTs and just like every newbie, you're totally confused about ways to jump into the market and make some thousands of dollars for yourself. Well, read this. First of all I'll say, if you're an absolute novice, like you know nothing about NFTs and crypto stuffs, go to this FREE class I held on Telegram and learn what it is first, then come back and read this one. If not, you won't understand jack. It is absolutely free. Here's the link. 🔻Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs as they are popularly known are "transferable" "digital repr