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While we were absent minded, a virus has eaten deep into Crypto and will soon take all your money

  "While we were absent minded, a virus has eaten deep into Crypto and will soon take all your money. If you're investing, take 1 minute to read this". One of the most terrible things happening to a lot of new crypto projects is that the developers invest more in hiring a product designer than business developers who actually develope the solutions & an actual product. While this may go unnoticed for the newbies & quick money bag chasers in Crypto, those of us building busineses and solutions around this industry cringe at this year-long practices. At this point, anyone who is going to exert mastery of this industry and the financial markets must first learn to be disciplined enough to understand that graphics, UI & UX designs are part of a project's success, but will not and cannot stand the taste of time. If UI was so important, Nairaland will be long gone by now and Eskimi & 2go would have been the leading social media too. Good things are good to l

INTRODUCTION TO NFTs for a total beginner -What are NFTs for real

Key points you’ll get in this article - What is an NFT ? - Why it is unique - What is Minting ? - NFT Terminologies you must know - Apps you need to create, sell or buy NFTs - Where NFTs are sold ? - Finally, an offer. A giveaway class on How to Create, Mint, and Sell your own NFT on OpenSea Following the recent news about picture NFT sales everywhere, you've probably been getting the buzz about NFTs and just like every newbie, you're totally confused about ways to jump into the market and make some thousands of dollars for yourself. Well, read this. First of all I'll say, if you're an absolute novice, like you know nothing about NFTs and crypto stuffs, go to this FREE class I held on Telegram and learn what it is first, then come back and read this one. If not, you won't understand jack. It is absolutely free. Here's the link. 🔻Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs as they are popularly known are "transferable" "digital repr

WeXchange Women STEMpreneurs Competition 2022 for Latin America and the Caribbean

Deadline: April 8, 2022 •| We are glad to announce that applications are now officially open for the WeXchange Women STEMpreneurs Competition 2022.  This year's competition seeks to single out some of the the most inventive and unique women entrepreneurs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) from within Latin America and the Caribbean, and link them with potential opportunities of access to financing. If you are a woman, and a Co-Founder, or even part of the core leadership team (C-level) of a new business or startup that is actively raising capital from pre-Seed to Series B, apply and be one of the 15 selected startups that will pitch in Miami to investors from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, United States among other international VC funds on May 24, during “WeXchange: Connecting STEMpreneurs women with investors”. This event will take place in the context of the VC Latam Summit, that brings together the most relevant investors of the venture capital in

Mercy Corps Ventures Crypto For Good Fund 2022

Deadline: April 15, 2022 Applications for the Mercy Corps Ventures Crypto For Good Fund 2022 are now open. The objective of the Fund is to drive global financial inclusion through a series of pilots, building an evidence base to prove the scalability of blockchain-enabled solutions in making a positive impact on the 1.7 billion people in the world who are currently unbanked. Mercy Corps Ventures (MCV) is looking for startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises in Africa, South and SouthEast Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Pacific Islands, and Western Balkans, who innovatively apply decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology to build financial inclusion solutions for un/underbanked and low-income users. Solutions can include, but are not limited to: Coins / Tokens NFTs Digital wallets Lending protocols Digital ID DAOs Smart contracts Benefits The Fund will provide an equity-free grant of between $25,000 and $100,000 to ten eligibl