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Getting your dream tech job is as simple as reading all the way to the end of this short article.

If I were to join a new tech company today, I'd most likely begin with the Sales & Marketing team and work in any of these roles : 1. Copywriting 2.Marketing management 3. Product Promotion 4. Creative/Brand 5. Demand and Operations 6. Digital Marketing 🔥 This is not only because I have seen the fat pay cheques that these roles can bring you if you know your onions, and it definitely is the life wire of ANY company in the world. This is the department that brings in the mints and coins into the vault. Some other reasons that might make my entry easier and necessary would be because I have garnered on-the-job experience as a : Copywriter Product Manager Marketing Manager Sales guy Operations Guy Customer service CEO (Chief Everything Officer) 😅 Etc... Name it!!! For my start-up, small start-ups, and some close friends' start-ups that I've assisted with sales or content ideas. And I've seen traction. It will be easier for me to say, "This i

How to Write a Successful Upwork, Fiverr Freelancing Proposal

In your earliest days, months or even years as a freelance service provider, you'll experience first hand, the burden that comes with having to figure out that killer proposal that will secure the job for you on which ever platform you operate. You'll re-evaluate each of the sentence you've penned down and keep thinking about whether or not it should be edited and changes made on it. You may even need to show it to a couple of friends for their opinions, approvals, or rejection. Crazy!. Isn't it? Well I think otherwise. I would rather say, exciting. Well, that is something worth being thankful for, as it's necessary to do the right things while you're getting started on your new career as a freelancer. Your proposal goes a long way to determine whether you're accepted or rejected, and in this simple guide, I'll tell you the best way to write your proposal for success. Begin Strong The regular client will take out just some moment of their time, perusing