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Why being a Jack of all Trades is important

 "Jack of all Trades, Master of none" Was an incomplete statement invented by a lazy man to cause friction in your mind and limit you in the things you can achieve as a human operating your highest potential. This singular statement has made a lot of people niche themselves down to poverty and mental inability, or something we call "Learned helplessness in Psychology". You need to stretch yourself the heck out. Explore your capabilities, run different businesses, learn different skills. Speak different languages. Work in different sectors and industries. Just stretch your mind. That is the only way you get better and discover your true self. This so-called jack of all trades was actually our decades old hero, William Shakespeare. The complete phrase is “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” This was a compliment, not an advise to limit yourself or an insult to curb your impulsive obsession to become badass a

The first marketing client I ever landed paid me $15,000+ per month even though I knew nothing about marketing

The first client I ever landed paid me $15,000+/mo. I knew nothing about marketing. And yet… I spent only 3 hours a week working his business. Here’s the juicy story with ALL the details. And how you can copy me and do the same. This is not clickbait. And I’m not exaggerating. Not when I say how much he paid me… And not when I say that you can do the same. You literally can copy-paste what I did and get very similar results. Right now. So… Let’s get started: First you need to know who the client is and how much money they made before me: They were a cyber security school. Selling frontal 6-month courses. They sold them for about $8k at the time. And when I met them? They were making $30K/mo. Now… a quick disclaimer: The numbers I’m gonna share with you are not precise. But they’re very close. To the best of my memory. Okay. Ready? 👇 Their funnel looked like this: FB ad -> phone lead -> qualification call -> meeting -> close. Now… Their Facebook ad said this: “Come learn th